Moxiepel is an innovative new company which is commercialising an exciting new proprietary technology in the biomass and sustainability sector.

We are revolutionising the renewable energy market and have massive potential to change the fertiliser market

Some Applications for our ground breaking EnerPelâ„¢ Technology


  • Sewage sludge
  • PFAS/PFOA, PCB, micro-plastics contaminated sludges and shredded wastes
  • Forestry and demolition wood and green waste
  • Sugar cane wastes, bagasse, mill mud
  • Paper mill wastes
  • Sorghum “drop-in” energy crops for co-firing with coal in power stations
  • Tyre Crumb/plastics combined with sewage sludge and biomass
  • Liquid wastes such as oils, juices, milk and fire fighting fluids
  • Turning grape marc into boiler fuel
  • Mushroom compost to fuel
  • Animal waste to fuel / eg Chicken litter, pig slurry or manure from dairy feedlots


  • Sewage sludge
  • Anaerobic digestate
  • Animal manures
  • Meat paunch and fish wastes
  • Grape marc
  • Mushroom compost
  • Sugar mill mud and boiler ash
  • Large scale carbon sequestration potential – (pellets are 50-60% carbon)
  • Advanced perpetual fertiliser pellet designs using “sorbers” for slow nutrient release
  • Placement of pellets containing nitrogen fixing bacteria at root level for specific crops

Animal Feed

  • Wet Distillers grains – non drying low cost pelletising
  • Sorghum and corn, whole plant shredding/pelletising
  • Green waste and garden cuttings
  • Mushroom compost – high protein Mycelium
  • Grape marc – pH adjusted and potential for additives
  • Food waste (process arrests decay and kills bacteria)
  • Combination pellets from multiple sources of protein and fibre



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Moxiepel is the exclusive licence holder for the EnerPelâ„¢ technology in Australasia. The technology has been developed and is owned by Pelleton Renewables which is headquartered in Singapore.